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Why A Kan-Sun?

For years Kan-Sun has been a trusted name in the grain drying industry–and we’ve been working on them since their inception.  We understand how the simple, yet thoughtful design of the Kan-Sun translates into reliable and efficient results.  When taken off the market, we recognized a void for many producers, which is why we committed ourselves to re-manufacturing and re-introducing these dryers into the marketplace with a number of substantial improvements.

Kan Sun Grain Dryers for sale at D & B Agro-Systems

Variable Frequency Drive

One of the first areas we focused on when improving our Kan-Suns was with the unload.  Eliminating the hydrostat discharge drives, we’ve replaced them with electric motors and variable frequency drives.  This allows the dryer to speed up or slow down the unload to remove more or less moisture accordingly.

Moisture Controllers

For improved efficiencies, the dryers are available with one of two controllers. Historically, we have offered the Calc-u-dri, fitting a moisture sensor in the unload.  As grain moisture increases the Calc-u-dri slows the unload; as moisture decreases the unload rate is increased to deliver a more consistent result.

i-KanKeeping pace with technological advancements, D & B has developed the i-Kan Moisture Controller and Remote Monitoring Systems.  Again, a moisture sensor is located in the unload.  (An optional input sensor is available, as well)

The i-Kan then tests 20 samples per minute, delivering a more accurate end-product, particularly in situations when grain moisture is erratic.  The i-Kan features an easy-to-read, easy-to-operate touch screen monitor mounted in a glass-front weather-tight enclosure, or it can be mounted in a nearby building.  When hooked up with your on-site wi-fi or a cellular modem (available through D & B), your Kan-Sun dryer can be monitored or adjusted from anywhere using your smartphone or tablet.

Additional Improvements

All dryers are completely stripped down when undergoing our remanufacturing process.  Bases are sandblasted, primed and repainted.  The floors are re-built or replaced as necessary.  The legs are ground down and repainted to provide for smooth adjustment in the field.

SheetingChannel rings are replaced with new. The interior perforated sheeting is replaced as necessary; but, all exterior sheeting is replaced with screens with larger holes.  We’ve found that by increasing the hole size on the exterior sheeting we’re able to keep the screens cleaner during operation, increasing the capacity of the dryer.  In addition, we add a second air door which also results in higher capacity.

Inside partitions are examined and restored or replaced, as needed.  Burner shields, flame probes, and limit switches are all replaced with new, and it all goes back together using new nuts, bolts and rivets.

All motors are either replaced with new or fitted with new seals and bearings and then bench tested before leaving our shop.

The entire gas train is replaced with new throughout the dryer.  New weather-tight enclosures are mounted to extend the life of the electrical system, and then the dryer is completely re-wired, which includes the replacement of all switches, diaphragms, and gauges.

Available Options

D & B also offers a number of upgrade options.

  • Add heat sections to increase capacity
  • Extend the life of your dryer by adding a roof
  • Improve access with installed catwalk

D & B’s concrete crew can pour a pad for your new dryer, including elevated pads for use with air systems.

All of our re-manufactured Kan-Sun dryers are backed by a 1 year warranty.

Estimated Capacities


Bushel per hour Capacity

(Removing 5 points)

Assumptions:  Outside temperature 50˚ or above @ 200˚ plenum temperature

Customer Map

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