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Seed, inputs, machinery–you can get everything else right; but if your grain bin management isn’t adequate your ENTIRE crop could be at risk!

Moisture Cable

Moisture Cables:

All other grain bin monitoring systems are based on temperature cables and monitoring the temperature at various points within the grain mass. The Bin Manager system includes a Moisture Cable to monitor equilibrium moisture content of the grain.

This truly innovative new product allows you to set a desired moisture content and then monitor the drying process. No more climbing the bin and probing the grain to test the moisture!

Internet Monitoring:

The BinManager system runs by itself, without any human intervention. Bins are monitored and data is transmitted, via cell phone modem, to a web-based data service, making information as to the condition of the grain available over the Internet.

internet based bin monitoring with BinManager™
Location of Master MicroController, Sensor Distributed MicroController & Communication Distributed MicroController

Distributed Control vs. Central Control

The Bin Manager system is based on Distributed Control. In other words the components of the system each have their own microprocessors and the intelligence to perform certain tasks is built into the individual components. In a Central Control system the component parts attached to the grain bin can only operate the system based on commands from a PC set up in the office. If the PC is turned off, or down for some reason, the system can’t function.

Centralized Monitoring

Because the system is Internet Based, multiple bins, multiple clusters of bins and even bins for an entire group of growers can be monitored at a central location.
Centralized Control ezr monitor at home or by mobile (logo)
Grain bins monitored by computer (logo)

System Provides Actual Drying Data

Because Bin Manager utilizes Centralized Monitoring we can collect data for evey bin of every customer and be able to chart that information and provide actual drying data for individual bins, groups of bins, regions of the country, etc.

Provides System Alerts

The Bin Manager system can be programmed to watch for unfavorable conditions and send out alerts if such conditions exist. If the system detects an alert condition a text message or email will be sent to the appropriate person so that the situation can be investigated.
System Alerts ezr (Device List on BinManager)