Shivvers Performance Systems – High Capacity, High Performance

The #1 continuous Counter-Flow Drying systems in the world

Shivvers Performance Systems are each a combination of components engineered to work together to provide optimum performance for drying grain, using continuous Counter-Flow Drying technology rather than typical cross-flow drying offered by most other manufacturers. Shivvers can customize a drying system for your operation to dry up to 168,000 bushels per week.


With a Shivvers Performance System, grain is spread evenly in the drying bin with your choice of grain spreader (6). Air is heated by the BLUEFLAME™ dryer (4) and blown into the plenum, the area under the perforated drying floor (3). The heated air flows up through the grain, drying the layer of grain on the floor while warming the grain above, thus using every BTU of heat energy produced.

The tapered sweep augers (2) remove an even layer of grain and bring the grain to the center vertical auger where it is transferred up to the moisture sensor to determine moisture content. If the grain has reached the desired setting, the COMPU-DRY™ Command Center (1) turns on the continuous flow auger (5) to transfer the grain to storage.

If any grain hasn’t yet reached the desired moisture, the COMPU-DRY™ Command Center (1) turns off the augers and allows the grain to dry for a calculated period of time before re-testing.  It will never transfer grain until it is dried to your selected setting.


Whether yours is a smaller farm with a few hundred acres or a larger operation with several thousand acres, there’s a Shivvers Performance System that’s right for you.

The CIRCU-LATOR II Performance System is our signature system and offers you Continuous Counter-Flow Drying in bins up to 42′ in diameter.  For bottom un-load option our DRI-FLO 1000 system works with an existing bucket elevator or air-transfer system.

Need even more capacity? The HI-TORQUE Performance System offers all the great features and benefits of the CIRCULATOR II, but uses an ultra high capacity  sweep, dual-motor drive, and Hi-Torque gearbox for 36′ through 48′ diameter drying bins.


As your operation grows, you may find a need for more capacity with your drying.  Instead of pulling out your dryer to replace it with a new one, Shivvers has your answer.  With your choice of Vaneaxial Fans and Heaters, Turbo Boosters or Centrifugal Fans and Heaters, you can expand your system for greater capacity at any time.


Since the heated air is in contact with the grain for a longer period of time (due to the depth of grain versus a thin column) all of the heat is used from the heated air to remove moisture before it is exhausted.  This makes for higher efficiency.


Since the grain is moving toward the heat source and then removed when dry, all the grain receives the same amount of heated air (not just heated from one side).  This results in uniformity of drying of all the grain.


Retention time is the duration grain is held in a dryer or drying bin when trying to achieve both targeted moisture content and kernel quality. A Shivvers Performance System, using counter-flow drying, processes the same amount of grain as other drying methods, but is able to retain each kernel in the drying bin longer. This not only achieves a more precisely targeted moisture content, it almost eliminates stress on kernels and uses energy much more efficiently.

Common cross-flow dryers process grain in depths averaging only 12 to 16 inches, taking from ½ hour to two hours for grain to enter and exit the dryer. In this method, grain is subjected to very high temperatures over short periods and then cooled quickly. The result is more stress cracking.

On the other hand, average grain depth using continuous Counter-Flow Drying with a Shivvers Performance System is three to ten feet! On average, grain is allowed 12 hours before exiting the drying bin. Since a larger volume of grain receives the heat inputted to the bin, each kernel is dried more slowly as energy is more fully utilized. The results are dramatically higher test weights with added profit due to less energy usage.

Independent tests conducted at Michigan State University, Purdue University, and Iowa State University confirm what Shivvers has always known – Counter-Flow Drying is superior to cross-flow drying retaining as much as 2-4 pounds per bushel better test weights.

The fact that the process is slower does not mean that the dryer is slower or has less capacity (bushels per day dried).  It just means that more grain is in the dryer exposed to the drying air for a longer period of time.


Because the grain is in contact with the heated air (Retention Time) for a longer period of time at a lower temperature, this results in a higher test weight with the removal of the same amount of moisture.

Counter-Flow Drying is an innovation of Shivvers Manufacturing, Inc., the Grain Drying Specialists, as a “common sense” method of drying that valuable grain you worked so hard to produce.


Fuel savings from your Shivvers Performance System along with higher quality grain assessments can bring a quicker return on your investment.


Shivvers designs and builds its drying equipment at one location, so we’re confident of how a system will perform. When you purchase a Shivvers Performance System, an authorized Shivvers representative will visit your farm to verify the installation. At approval, you’ll receive an operations manual with a Certification of Drying Capacity.  Shivvers is the only grain drying manufacturer to certify your capacities in writing. You’ll gain the peace of mind in knowing that we stand behind our equipment 100%.

Take some time and look at the various systems that Shivvers has to offer and see the Shivvers Advantage.

Circu-lator II Performance SystemDri-Flo 1000 Performance SystemHi-Torque Performance System