Circu-Lator II with High Temperature Gearbox

thumbnailThe Circu-Lator II tapered sweep auger removes an even layer of dried grain from the perforated floor to the center vertical where it is lifted to a transfer auger and on to your storage bins. The Shivvers Circu-Lator II Performance System consists of a circulater II (the augering equipment inside the bin;) COMPUDRY™ Command Center; drying floor and supports; continuous flow transfer auger; a BLUEFLAME™ dryer and a grain spreader.

Other Circulator II Performance System Components

COMPUDRY™ Command Center with Printer

The COMPUDRY™ Command Center is designed with the operator in mind.  It is easy to use with fingertip control of your entire drying process.  Make your initial settings to the Command Center, concentrate on harvesting your crop, and keep grain in the drying bin.  You will never have to babysit your dryer again.

Floors and Supports

The Shivvers Channel-Lock Floor offers twice as much open area as the competition with 23% open area, while Shivvers Steel Floor Supports allows maximum airflow with minimum obstruction.  With maximum open area and airflow, you can expect the most drying capacity for your money.


Shivvers augers are constructed of heavy-duty fliting with a 1 ¼ ” shaft and 14-ga. galvanized tube. Once in place, there is no need to move the auger around from bin to bin. Using the CompuDry Command Center, simply select the auger to the desired bin by the flip of a switch.

Heaters & Fans

Designed and built to maximize the drying capacity of your Shivvers Performance System, theBLUEFLAME™ , BLUEFLAME with turbo-booster or our Centrifugal Fan  provides peak drying efficiency with minimal fuel consumption. You can choose a BLUEFLAME™ model to burn liquid propane or natural gas. Because each dryer burns with an intense blue flame, you’re assured of the right gas/air mixture for clean, complete fuel consumption.  Meet today’s fuel economy demands with a Shivvers BLUEFLAME™ dryer.

Grain Spreaders

Shivvers has a variety of spreaders that you can choose from to fit your drying operation.  The high capacity GRAIN HOG (3200 to 5000 BPH), the high-tech CONTROLLED FLOW GRAIN SPREADER (Up to 6000 BPH), and for the ultimate grain spreader, the Shivvers LEVEL-DRY.

Gauges and Thermometer

The long stem thermometer mounts with the probe into the plenum chamber to give an actual temperature reading of the plenum. The static pressure gauge measures back pressure in the plenum area of the drying tank.  To maximize drying efficiency and capacity, it is important to know the static pressure.