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Take your grain drying to a higher level with a Shivvers Performance System–a combination of components engineered to work together to provide optimum performance for drying grain.

Shivvers Performance Systems
  • Experience the fully automated COMPUDRY Command Center controlling precise drying and all grain transfer functions. You’ll never have to babysit your grain dryer!
  • Achieve the most precise moisture content control. See how no grain leaves the bin before its time.
  • Take advantage of fuel savings with one of the industry’s most energy-efficient systems. Shivvers systems are so efficient they may allow you to qualify for a 25% energy grant when replacing your current drying system.
  • Higher test weights.
  • No more over-drying.
  • Capacities up to 168,000 bushels per week. Shivvers brings the benefits of advanced drying technology as well as maintaining high capacities.