D & B Systems offers a wide range of electrical contracting.  If you require electrical work for your home, farm operation, or commercial buiness, we are able and happy to help you.  When finished with the project, you can walk in, turn it on and know that it works.


D & B provides grain handling and storage system solutions through our Brock dealership.  Corrugated grain bins have become an accepted, attractive alternative for the commercial operators with bin capacities up to 650,000 bushels.  Steel grain storage bins offer versatility, fast assembly, and low cost per bushel providing the customer more for their money in grain storage, handling and conditioning systems.


Rapid improvements in the technology of new grain dryers makes them easy to operate, clean and quiet, reliable and efficient.  Bring your dryer to our facility, we will refurbish and recondition your dryer.  D & B Systems offers to deliver and install new grain dryers and grain handling systems – Brock, Intelliair, Mathews Company, and/or Shivvers.  Check the “Pre-Owned Equipment” tab in our website for our stock of equipment available.  In addition, we can provide the millwright service to update or renovate your existing facilities.


The attractive aspect of today’s metal building systems is that they accommodate design requirements specific to each project and blend well with the character of the surrounding neighborhoods.  After years of experience, testing, and dependability, D & B Systems are the experienced professionals in the industry of commercial Butler buildings.

If we can be of assistance to you, please contact us by phone at 800-931-9382 or by filling out our form.
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