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Lambton Conveyor Ltd.

Lambton Conveyor Limited is a multinational manufacturer of grain and material handling equipment. Products include: bucket elevators, chain conveyors, tube conveyors, screw conveyors, flow system accessories, and more. Almost all of the equipment produced by Lambton Conveyor is fabricated using galvanized steel. The galvanized coating ensures a long service life and a low maintenance finish. Most products are also available in stainless steel and painted mild steel upon request or depending on the application.

Lambton equipment can be seen around the world in varying environments and applications. The modular design of their equipment provides flexibility and assembly efficiencies. Lambton has a reputation for providing high quality and cost effective equipment.

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Schlagel, Inc.

Schlagel, Inc. has been an industry leader since 1957 in the design and manufacture of grain handling equipment. Their pioneering efforts have brought innovation to the industry’s handling methods through enhancements to equipment design and increased machine capabilities and capacities.

We work with their knowledgeable, experienced staff to ensure proper utilization of equipment, matching design and capacity to each application.

Innovation, experience, and commitment have made Schlagel a leader in the production of grain handling equipment for fifty years.