CompuDry® Command Center with Printer

The COMPUDRY™ Command Center constantly monitors conditions such as grain moisture, graintemperature, and plenum temperature, while also controlling all components of the system. Designed with the operator in mind, it is easy to use with fingertip control of your entire drying process.  Make your initial settings to the Command Center, concentrate on harvesting your crop, and keep grain in the drying tank … while the Command Center does the rest.

When your grain reaches the desired moisture level, the COMPUDRY™ Command Center engages the transfer auger and the dried grain is moved from your drying tank to your storage bin. If any grain hasn’t reached the desired moisture content, the COMPUDRY™ Command Center turns the transfer auger off and allows the grain to dry for a calculated period of time and then re-tests the grain moisture.  The Command Center will take up to 120 samples of grain per hour.